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Post Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:28 am
popo914 Newbie

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Location: Murrieta, California
hey guys, has anyone completely removed the dash? I am doing a complete restoration on a car that's double my age :dance:

anyways, ive got the upper and lower dash pad out and cant seem to release the "skeleton" if I may. the lower half is free but there are what seem to be welded studs, can I still remove it? ive seen all about removing the upper and lower dash pad but that was easy for me, considering the previous owner of this barn find didn't do the car much justice in any way shape or form :brickwall:

theres lots of rust that needs to be repaired so I am stripping the entire inside to media blast all the interior to A) strip all the old paint and rust off and B) find anymore week spots in the metal.

any help would be appreciated


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